Recognizing Legitimate Credit Repair Services in Alaska

A good credit rating and respectable credit history help you secure low-interest financing when you need it most. However, when both your score and history are less than stellar, you may wonder what steps you can take to improve them.

Alaska, like most states, allows credit repair companies to offer you services as long as those services comply with state law. You can choose the best credit repair business for you by knowing what services it can legally offer in the state of Alaska.

Alaska State Law for Credit Repair

credit-repair-services-in-alaskaWhen you are dealing with bad credit, you may feel pressured to improve your history and score right away. This sense of urgency could make you vulnerable to scam artists who use tactics to get you to spend money before you do your research about their services.

In fact, since the recent economic downturn, the number of scam artists and fraudsters has risen as more people than ever experienced financial crises. People lost homes, businesses, jobs, and financial security as their both their incomes and credit ratings fell.

Even with the economy improving, many people still are struggling to rebuild the credit that they once enjoyed. Scam artists are seizing on these people’s desperation and embarrassment by offering services that may not comply with Alaska’s state laws.

It is important that you do your research if you want to avoid falling prey to the many credit repair schemes that operate in the state as well as across the country. Alaska’s attorney general’s office outlines tactics that you can use to protect yourself from scams while still taking proactive measures to rebuild your credit.

The foremost suggestion centers on not falling for advertising that urges you to act now before you lose out on the business’s services. Legitimate credit repair businesses will make their services available at any time without pressuring you to act within a certain time frame.

Likewise, you should not fall for warnings that urge you to not speak about winnings or services with other people like your loved ones or coworkers. Genuine credit repair companies welcome word-of-mouth advertising and have nothing to hide about the way that they do business.

If you have questions about credit repair companies in Alaska or want to know if a service is real or a scam, you should contact the state’s attorney general’s office. The state’s AG can review the company’s client contract and ensure that any rendered services comply with state consumer protection laws.

Alaska Credit Repair Services: An Overview

credit-repair-services-in-alaska-2Legitimate credit repair businesses in Alaska can help you improve or clean up your credit report and guide you on ways to raise your score. Granted, you can also perform many of these services yourself. However, if you do not have a lot of time to devote to improving your credit or you find the process for doing so to be confusing, you can retain a legitimate credit repair service to help you.

The first step that you or the service can take involves ordering your reports from all three credit bureaus. You should then review each report to see if the entries are accurate or if there is any false or wrong information on your file.

If you see wrong or fraudulent information, you should dispute it with the credit bureau immediately. Disputing this information involves notifying the bureau in writing and providing any proof to show that the account is not yours or that the debt is otherwise satisfied.

After you make the dispute, the creditor must prove that the debt is legitimate. If it cannot show proof that you owe the money, the entry must by federal law be removed. The credit repair company can make these disputes on your behalf and follow through to ensure that they are resolved successfully.

The actual process of repairing one’s credit takes months or even years. You should avoid any service that promises immediate improvement or guarantees results.

Alaska has clearly defined laws in place to protect you from being taken advantage of by fraudulent credit repair services. You can improve your own credit history by utilizing the services of a legitimate credit repair company in Alaska.