Credit repair services are designed to address the problems of people who are suffering financial consequences of having a low credit score. Specifically, there are businesses in Louisiana that are dedicated to helping people repair the score in order to get favorable interest rates from banks and other lending institutions. Some credit scores are abnormally low on account of a mistake that shows up on the borrower’s credit report. Other scores are low because of actual behavior that a lender considers to be risky. Credit repair specialists serve the interests of many different kinds of clients, so the repair plan should be based on the actual circumstances of the individual.

credit-repair-services-in-louisianaThe Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, is a law that requires the three major credit reporting organizations to provide an annual credit report to consumers for free. This report may contain errors, so it is important to review it periodically to verify the accuracy of the information. It can also give you a good idea of the kinds of events that financial institutions consider when determining your credit score. For example, you will see any bankruptcy filings on this report, and pending litigations may also appear. You will also see that the credit report details the sources of your income, where you are employed and your payment history. Although there is no single formula used to determine a credit score, you can get a sense of how this score is calculated. For example, missed payments will generally affect your credit score in a negative direction.

Credit Scores, Cost of Borrowing

indianaCredit scores are calculated on a variety of factors that appear on your credit report. This number can impact your life, so always try to keep the score as high as possible. Understanding how the score is calculated is just one part of the process. You also need to examine the behavior that can lead to a higher score and try to engage in these practices whenever it is feasible. For example, you can take out a revolving line of credit, but it might not improve your credit score even after you make regular payments. In general, installation loans from a bank are more effective at raising the score than making payments on a credit card. Mistakes that appear on your credit report could lower your score and raise the cost of borrowing money. Lenders use the credit score to determine your annual percentage rate, which determines the amount of your monthly payment. Over the life of a 30-year mortgage loan, this amount can add up to thousands of dollars, for example.

Louisiana Credit Repair Services

credit-repair-services-in-louisiana-2Selecting a credit repair service provider requires some research on your part to get the best results. Many companies exist, but some of them are not legitimate. These organizations may attempt to get you to sign up for a trial period or pay them in advance of the services. Any company that demands these types of actions before providing services should be treated with suspicion. In addition, many online companies try to get customers to provide personal information as a condition for getting additional information. These kinds of companies should be avoided as potentially fraudulent. Although Louisiana laws allow consumers the right to sue a company that is engaged in fraudulent business practices, this process is time-consuming and potentially stressful, so it should be avoided whenever possible.

Credit reports are issued by three national credit reporting agencies, which are Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. These organizations are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, and the relevant law exists under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. This law forbids credit repair companies from demanding advanced payment for the services, and this is a good tool for screening a potential company. Always look for a reliable company, and ask people you trust for references whenever possible. Try to do enough research so that you understand the different solutions that the credit repair provider is offering, and compare these actions against the steps you can take on your own. Many creditors will be responsive to direct requests from consumers, but it is good to know how to find an experienced credit repair attorney if necessary.